Daily Dosage: Trojans Busted!

What kind of blogger would I be if I didn't make a Trojan joke after last night's upset.

A bad one, that's what kind.

Today's eye candy (by request) is Kelly Clarkson. I'm a fan.

You readers out there are lucky because you're going to get greeted with an extended session of "Dosage."

I hope you're prepared. I know Big Papi is.

Chi-Town Choke Fest Pt. I. A part of me is bothered that manager Lou Piniella continues to send out the Iowa Cubs to play Major League Baseball teams, but it almost worked two nights in a row.

Unfortunately for the Chicago/Iowa Cubs, the real Bobby Howry showed up, Koyie Hill did his best Michael Barrett impression by blowing the tag on Ryan Church and Micah Hoffpauir (despite two home runs) proved not to be Derrek Lee in the bottom of the ninth.

In the end, both Carlos Beltran helped my fantasy team by delivering a game winning single off Kevin Hart (not the comedian) to complete a 7-6 come-from-behind win for the New York Metrosexuals.

Jose Reyes, who scored the winning run, also swiped a bag that inning.


Chi-Town Choke Fest Pt. II. Karma strikes again for a certain Chicago White Sox fan who will go nameless.

A Chicago White Sox fan who texted me after the Iowa Cubs loss must not have been happy with the way his team bit the bullet against the Minnesota Twins, who now sit in first place in the AL Central with three games remaining.

Gavin Floyd (another one of my fantasy studs) was stellar Thursday, but Bobby Jenks (who pitched in the eighth, ninth and tenth innings) gave up the lead and then the game.

The Sox have three games against the Cleveland Indians, including the potential season-finale against Cy Young hopefuly (and another fantasy stud...no wonder I'm winning in championship week) Cliff Lee.

As for the Twinkies, they get three against the Kansas City Royals.

'25 Years Later' comes to a close. This has been a fun week of stories, covering the 25th anniversary of the 1983 National Champion SIU Salukis football team.

The players seem to be genuinely excited about returning to Carbondale.

Apparently, one of my stories has gone missing online. I'll find it, 'til then, check these stories out.

25 Years Later: 1983 team recalls championship season [Daily Egyptian]
25 Years Later: Dempsey, Johnson recall fond memories of SIU [Daily Egyptian]

What 2 Watch 4
  • Red Sox vs. Yankees (Fri., Sat. & Sun.) It'll be the last time these two acquaintances meet, unless Bud Selig creates a stipulation that allows the Yanks to participate in postseason play.
  • Alabama vs. Georgia (Sat.) If the Bulldogs win, they should regain the No.1 ranking in both polls. If Alabama wins, there will be a celebration at a mother f*cking funeral. If the game isn't played, it's because of a gas shortage. I blame all those rappers with their SUVs!
  • Mets vs. Marlins (Fri. Sat. & Sun.) Nobody cares that Shea Stadium is closing its doors, too. Evidence? Where's the ESPN nut hugging of Shea? Don't worry, I'll wait.
  • Ravens vs. Steelers (Mon.) Bart Scott is apparently going to kill Hines Ward. Even though Ward is one of my fantasy team's best receiving options, Scott is an SIU alum. I side with No. 52. He's a bad ass!
Quality Linkage:
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  • Engineer: head-first slide is faster. [Eurkalert] Baseball afficianados like me: no it isnt'!
  • "Latent racism in baseball" [The Big Lead]
  • Welcome to the blogosphere, Lil' Wayne [ESPN] Reeemix baaaaby!!!!!
  • Cedric Benson's boating charges are dropped. [Statesman] White women in Texas are happy. I'm not (because they're not with me).
  • The best team in the NL is also the funniest. [Funny or Die]
  • Big Papi's bed isn't popular. [Red Sox Monster] Jonathan Papelbon would like to disagree.
The Week In Review:
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