TBDS Presents: The News Minute

Remember when I premiered the News Minute? Well, it's back. Enjoy, bitches.

Los Angeles Dodgers manager Joe Torre is the latest National League West executive to start a blog. Following in the footsteps of San Diego Padres exec Paul DePodesta's "It Might Be Dangerous Blog", Torre gets you inside his new lifestyle.

Welcome to the blogosphere, Joe Torre.

Zack Morris is getting his own television show. Good to see him rebound from his days at Bayside. AC Slater couldn't be reached for comment.

Hello, Bayside. Zach Morris is back on the air.

And after hearing about Michael Phelps' extra curricular activities, I'm really regretting not pursuing a career as an elite Olympic Athlete.

Sex and the Olympic City

The Artrell Woods story is interesting, so I'm bringing a buried story to the forefront (via The Big Lead).

Summer 2008: He’s risen as high as 3rd on the OK State depth chart at receiver, and expects to catch plenty of passes in the Cowboys pass-happy offense.

That's just part of a nice story.

Feel Good Sappy Time: OK State's Artell Woods

Happy Friday, friends!