ESPN commenter named valedictorian of summer school

See this is why people are (or at least should be) losing respect for ESPN.

"Game ball goes to Scola. In a losing effort he was easily the best player on the floor." -- haze1205

28 points and 11 rebounds is fine and dandy, but Luis Scola isn't even considered the best player on the court when he's the only player on it.

I'm not sure who to blame more: the commenter, who seems ready to put Luis Scola into the debate of greatest Olympian ever or ESPN, who decided to make this a featured comment.

That's like saying Jason Marquis is a better pitcher than Fergie Jenkins because Marquis won a World Series with the Cardinals while Jenkins was unable to do so with the Cubs (and other teams).

That's just stupid. People like that should really have their computers (and the porn that's on them) seized.

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