Daily Dosage: Whose Ready For The Big Game

First, check out Miss Universe. That's Miss Venezuela. And that begs the question, why the f*ck is Ozzie Guillen so pissed off all the time when women like that are gracing your homeland. Don't worry, I'll wait.

On to a brief moment of Dosage.

Favre Wants Out. Apparently, Ted Thompson is taking management lessons from the Jerrys Reinsdorf and Krause book of stupidity. Pissing off one of the greatest QBs of all time to the point where he's begging you to let him go is absolutely retarded. Hey Brett, you're always welcome to don the Blue & Orange over here on the lakefront.

Another Packer Rally? I wonder if Packer fans will circle Lambeau Field (among other places) to protest the treatment of CBS college hoops analyst Billy Packer, who is out after a billion years at The Corporate Nipple.

I Read Goldielocks As A Child, So I'm Not Surprised. The Bears don't seem to be interested in a really good QB from a division rival who could step into the Hall of Fame right now. Instead, they're interested in football's Mark Prior and another Jones character. Who's ready for a 6-10 season?

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