Daily Dosage: Vacation Days

Say what? More time off?

Yeah, well, I'm preparing for the BIGGEST cookout in the history of the world. It's called Papa Roy's Annual Rib Out where my pops (and a collection of my buddies and pals) cook 27 slabs of ribs among other things.

Is your mouth watering yet? It should be.

Friday you'll get a nice li'l post on how the Cubs are gonna win the NL Central. And then later Friday, so people don't think I'm just a one-sided Cubcentric bastard, I'll show ya how the ChiSox are gonna win a division no one predicted they'd win.

Aren't I such a nice guy?

Until then, enjoy a blast from the past...Lindsay Lohan, before Lil' Wayne used her name in a rap song to um...you can figure it out.